Episode 4 - How to Maintain Friendships

*Sound in this episode is a little distracting, you will hear some background and I do apologise for that! I totally own that my podcast series is in its beginning stages and I do my best to deliver the best quality sound! Thank you! 

Maintaining friendships is and can be challenging, especially when you lead a really busy life. In part 2 of my friendship series, I talk about how to maintain your existing friendships with my own experiences, I touch on my own weaknesses as a friend to my girls and what I’m looking to work on personally to improve my relationships in my life. 

Important points made in today’s episode:

  • Open communication (it’s more about communicating how you feel so that you can grow together and learn to understand each other, something I forgot to mention in today’s episode)

  • Know what your own meaning of friendship means and understand that this is going to be different with everyone else

  • Do regular catch ups and spend quality time together 

  • Be there for each other through the worst and best of times 

  • Set your ego aside 

  • Don’t make assumptions

Thank you so much for tuning in todays episode.

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