Episode 6 - How To Practice Gratitude

Being grateful allows you to see life so much more richer with what you already have right now. I've been practicing gratitude for over two years now and it's change my life. I have a more positive mindset and I've definitely am not so pessimistic like I used to be.

Things I mention in today's episode:

  • Lavendaire's video on gratitude: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0rPcpvTygw

  • If you start a gratitude journal, start by writing three simple things you're grateful for that day

Gratitude journal prompts to begin with (I got these from an old Kikki K journal which I still find very helpful to this day)

  • What am I grateful for?

  • What did I learn today that I'm thankful for?

  • What made me happy?

  • Tomorrow I will be.....

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Thank you for tuning in today's episode!

Lisa Tran