Episode 5 - Friendship Breakups

Friendship breakups are harder than romantic breakups (that’s what I personally feel). In today’s episode, I share my own experiences with a personal story of where I’ve had to let go of a childhood friendship and also how I distanced myself from toxic friendships. A disclaimer: This is my own reality and this is how I see things. Everyone’s experiences of their own friendships will be different to yours and mine. If you’re experiencing a difficult situation with a close friend of yours, look within yourself and see how you feel before reaching out. In any relationship breakdown, I believe everyone feels the same emotions but how you cope with it will definitely differ with each person.

Key takeaways from today’s episode

  • as you grow as a person, you will find that the same opinions or way of thinking will be different to your friends and that’s ok

  • saying no to seeing someone is not mean. it means you are taking care of your self and also you are not seeing someone because you feel guilty or it’s just for the sake of it

  • take time to mourn your friendships, they’re just like romantic relationships, you need the time to heal

  • it’s ok to reminisce about the good times you had with this person, it doesn’t change what has happened and it certainly doesn’t make you “weak” for missing them or thinking about that “toxic” person

  • Most of the time, there actions are not personal to you

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