Episode 1 - 26 Lessons Learnt in 26 Years

The first official episode of Noted Conversations I share the 26 lessons I've learnt in my 26 years! This is quite a long episode so it's the perfect episode to listen to on your commute to work, or at the gym or perhaps just in the background!

Here is a list of my 26 lessons for your reference :) 

  1. honesty is the best policy

  2. laughing makes you live longer and makes you feel good

  3. gratitude can get you through adversity

  4. dress for yourself and nobody else

  5. don’t do something for the sake of it

  6. crying is the best way to let emotions out (it’s okay to not be positive all the time)

  7. don’t follow the crowd

  8. try to love with what you were born with

  9. being ethnic is awesome. representation is important

  10. live with no regrets

  11. treat others how you would like to be treated

  12. take care of yourself, health is important

  13. you don’t need to justify your own beliefs or feelings

  14. validation comes from within

  15. it’s okay to get rid of toxic people out of your life

  16. people who hurt you, they’re hurting inside too

  17. endings having beginnings

  18. failure is not bad

  19. all things are temporary, things always change, feelings too. (how you feel now, is going to change in 6 months time)

  20. compassion is important to understand others

  21. take responsibility of your mistakes and own them

  22. constructive criticism helps you grow not put you down

  23. family is consistent

  24. your past doesn’t define you

  25. you can always start again

  26. give yourself time to heal

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