Making My 2019 Vision Board

vision board 2019

When I was 15, I walked up the same street that UTS Library is currently still situated today. At the time, I wanted to do fashion design when I finished school and UTS was one of the best universities to offer that course. Two years later my favourite show premiered. It was Offspring. A show about a women who navigates through the ups and downs of her life and is an obstetrician. My dream of doing fashion design had already frizzled but what I really wanted to do was help people. Especially women. I knew studying to be a doctor would be far out of reach for me but being a midwife was something in my reach.

A year later I got into UTS but not to study midwifery but tourism management. I definitely didn’t finish with a degree in tourism but the point of my story is that the power of visualising where you want to go can really work. If you work and make small steps towards what you want, it can happen. You just need to take those steps and goals to achieve it.

So late last year I decided to make a vision board to help design my ideal life that I wanted. When 2019 rolled through, I found myself wanting the same things but slightly different, so I decided to make a new 2019 vision board. This vision board was inspired by Lavendaire’s video on how she made her 2019 vision board. The idea originated from a video she watched that was made by kirst & yu, you can find the video here.

The tools I used:

  • A wire frame (purchased at my local Bunnings)

  • Small wooden pegs

  • Images (I grabbed them off Pinterest and resized them on Photoshop into squares)

How I put my vision board together:

  1. Cut all my images and compiled them into how I would want it to look on the board.

  2. Attached the images onto the frame using the wooden pegs.

  3. Viola! You’re done!

I really love how this is now sitting on my work desk so i can see it every single day. It brings a lot of positivity and inspiration to me. It helps visualise and see the bigger picture of what I’m working towards!

Happy vision board making :)

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