vnrxo: A Noted Beauty - What's Inside Vienna's Makeup Bag?


Vienna, Vienna, Vienna. I honestly don’t remember how I started following you but girl aren’t I glad I did!

I was lucky enough to interview yet another noted beauty, Vienna from @vnrxo. She’s a multi-disciplinary designer that not only cover photography, but videography, social media and content creating. She truly is a woman that can do it all and still show her true self online at the end of the day!

My first impression of Vienna when I met her was that she was just full of life and positivity. A presence I try to bring to myself and the people around me every day. She is a ray of sunshine when she walks into a room!

Read on to find out how amazing Vienna is at her ‘why’ and why she does it! She is really inspiring and I’m so grateful that I finally got to meet another boss babes!

Lisa: So tell us about yourself, what do you do for a living?

Vienna: I’m a videographer and photographer. Or I like to call myself a multi-disciplinary designer.

I do a lot of things from graphic design to photography, video, social media and content creating. It’s something I’ve been doing for 5 years now professionally!

It’s given me the opportunity to travel, meet like-minded people and explore the world while doing something I love. It’s also something that challenges me for the better. It’s opened a lot of doors to I guess, new ways of tapping into different mediums while pushing myself.


The team that I’m part of which is Redscope Films (sneaky plug!), we shoot with clients such as Sony Australia and ADIDAS!

It’s a job that I look forward to pursuing and also see where it leads me to next.

Lisa: What was the drive behind you doing what you love?

Vienna: To be honest it kinda fell in my lap! Like most things in life.

I was originally going to be a graphic designer. One day in my last year of uni, photography kinda kicked in and videography came into my life as well. While I was working full time in PR at one point, I was freelancing as a videographer and photographer. It made me realise this was something I wanted to do.

It was still early days in the content creating realms that we see today. YouTube just started going off and Instagram was becoming highly popular. I saw the opportunity to work in this space because it’s something I knew would be able to push me. I love doing it and I’m really passionate about making ads and I love bringing different concepts to life.

I love the idea of making a difference even if it’s just a few seconds if someone sees this content via Instagram or any other digital medium.

Lisa: I’ve been following you for quite some time and I was super excited to meet you. I’ve been listening to your podcast since the end of last year, can you tell us a little about it?

Vienna: Starting the podcast was a way of giving back. I feel very blessed so far to be surrounded by entrepreneurs, content creators, models and other amazing artists.

I know lots of people in my network and in the industry who want to know how to start. I feel like I’ve been through a lot that I owe people what I know. Creating the podcast was an outlet but also a service so people know that they’re not alone in pursuing their own kind of art. Everyone wants to be a part of it and it’s such a welcoming community.

Being from an Asian background, I understand the struggle of being known in the industry. They are people in the industry who have a similar upbringing to us that face the same battles and know what it’s like.

Art is a way of expression but it’s also a way of keeping things together. It’s about connecting people together, that’s why I started the podcast.

Lisa: Tell us about your makeup bag!

Vienna: So I bought A LOT OF PRODUCTS. But I’ll show you my go-to’s!

I have the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. I’ve been wearing it for two years now. What I love about the product is the dewiness. I also want to try out the Fenty Beauty foundation too.

vnrxo makeup bag

I’ve got my Thin Lizzy concealer! Do you remember the infomercial? The concealer is really amazing!

Here I have my Burts Bee’s balm, I just got into this and I LOVE it.

For my brows I have the NYX brow product, it’s one of my go-to’s for everyday makeup. It’s a two in one type of product that comes with the gel and pencil!

Then this is something that I think is really interesting. It’s a tool that maintains your brow, so instead of using a mini facial blade for your brows, this cuts away the hair to tidy them up. It’s by Thin Lizzy. (Lisa: I had no idea a tool like this existing!)

Lisa: OMG this is so cool! I can’t believe I didn’t know about this.

Vienna: It actually works!

Now here’s something that is really cool, my NYX gloss!

Lisa: Oh! That is fluorescent!

Vienna: I like it because it gives me that Korean style makeup I’m just getting into now!

And here I’ve got my YSL lipstick that I love! I really love the packaging!

Get to know Vienna - her go-to brands!

Lipstick brand? YSL

Foundation? Estee Launder

Perfume? Marc Jacobs Daisy!

Skincare? Dermalogicia

Shoes? Adidas
Favourite city you’ve visited? Japan!

Your ideal day! It would be going to work at the office I love the energy! After that, I’d go for a drive or climb or even dancing! It’s very much a “me” time kinda activity at the end of the day!

*Words may have been edited for the purposes of this blog post.