Lily Not Louise: A Noted Beauty - What's Inside Lily's Travel Makeup ? [Travel Edition]


I’ve been friends with Lily for years now! In fact, we’ve been “online” friends since our uni days. It all started with my first beauty blog (back in 2012/2013) and we started commenting on each other’s blog posts. This period was definitely before Instagram really blew up and became the platform it is today.

Ever since then we’ve been spending time together on cute coffee dates and attended a few beauty events! I really feel blessed that through my hobbies and passion for beauty, I was able to make friends like Lily. This is what I love about blogging because you get to meet like-minded people!

In this interview, I caught up with Lily from LilyNotLouise just before Christmas to discuss her most recent travel adventures, favourite skincare and anything else in between!

I hope you guys enjoy the interview as much as I did!

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Lily Chen Q &A

How many countries have you visited now?
I feel like I haven’t travelled that much. Although, I did a count the other day. It’s 12! (To which I said that’s a lot of countries already!)

The most surreal place you’ve travelled too?

Slovenia! It’s not what I expected, there were mountains, alps, ocean and amazing views. The people were really kind and the food was amazing.

What’s your favourite part about travelling?

Definitely learning about the history and culture. Also trying out the food!

What places have been your favourite to visit?

My favourite places would’ve been Japan. Japan is so organised and unique.

Dream destination?

My dream destination would be Antarctica!

What are your essentials for your carry-on?

I travel really really light. So If I go anywhere for less than two weeks, I’ll only carry a backpack. Essentially I start with what I’m wearing so I’d have the one outfit, then I’d pack maybe a couple of dresses, shorts and t-shirts.

I went to Singapore for 7 days with just a backpack! When I went to Europe (for 2 and a half weeks), it was just carry-on luggage.

The heaviest items in my carry-on would probably be my two small makeup bags with my beauty products in them. The rest of my baggage would be essentials like socks, undies, thongs and other important items.

What’s your travel skincare routine like?

I’ll depot all my skincare into small travel size pots. I’ll still use the same skincare routine I do back home. I even carry my Foreo (the travel size) with me when I travel.

This time around these are the products I’ve been using:

  • La Roche Posay Anthelios Sunscreen

  • Sunbum Sunscreen Stick

  • Aveda Botanical Kinetics Energising Eye Creme

  • Lagom Cellus Mist Toner

  • Panthemide Face Cream

  • Lagom Micro Foam Cleanser

  • Wotnot Makeup Wipes

  • Garnier Tissue Mask

What’s in your travel makeup bag?
Alot hahah!

I always take the Sisley Black Rose mask with me when I travel. I’ll use this on the plane and remove all my makeup. It makes your skin look really plump. It’s clear as well so no-one will notice you’re wearing a mask.

I’ll also use the Eye Contour mask from Sisley and leave it on overnight if I have puffy eyes.

I also love to take my Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow palette, it has all the different looks I’d want and that’s all I take when it comes to eyeshadows.

Sunscreen is really important. I use a stick formula which is easy to travel with.

I can’t travel without my Josie Maran powder foundation, it’s the only powder I use when I travel and it’s a great product. Lastly, I’m obsessed with my stick foundation from Shiseido, it’s so easy to use.

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Get to know Lily: Her Favourite Brands

Lipstick? MAC

L’oreal Infallible Pro-Glow

Jo Malone

Skincare brand?
Ultraceuticals and Sisley Paris

Muji has the best travel suitcases.



Fave place to eat in Sydney?
Flower Drum in Newtown.  

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