Day 8 - 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Who Are You Most Grateful For In Your Life And Why?


Today’s gratitude entry has got be stumped! I can’t think of just only one person that I’m most grateful for. I’m truly grateful for numerous people that are in my life today.

I’m going to write this entry today by how I’m feeling in this moment so it’s a reflection of the now. The person that I’m most grateful for in my life is my mum.

Today she really listened and supported me when I was going through a very tough day. I visited her for lunch and I was not feeling well mentally.

At the moment I’m dealing with a lot of change and today just happened to be the worst day so far. I’m grateful my mum was there. She really encourages me to move forward, stay strong and reminds me that I’m still so young and that I have a lot of life to experience. Lots of endings are happening in my life at the moment. My mum has told me that these are opportunities for new beginnings. Thanks Mum, love you lots!

Who are you most grateful for in your life and why?

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