Day 4 - 30 Gratitude Challenge: What About You Makes You Special?

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I have to say this gratitude challenge is making feel super vulnerable on the internet!! But I’m going to continue, because after each day I do a journal entry, I feel a lot joy from doing this :)

I’m more than happy to share personal reflections if it brings value to even ONE person!

Today’s gratitude journal prompt is: What about you makes you special? I feel this is more of a self-love kinda question!

But in all honesty, I actually believe it’s my compassion and understanding for others which makes me special. I’m quite grateful that I can empathise with a lot of people (sometimes not at first but I will eventually come around).

My personality type is ENFJ…which if you google that, is the most compassionate of all the personality types. Explains a lot haha!

What about you makes you special?