Day 30 - 30 Days Of Gratitude Challenge: Write A List Of Things You Want To Manifest


This isn’t my entire list as I want to keep some of the things private, but here I share part of my list :)

I’ve been listening to Oprah Super Soul Conversations and also Lavendaire Lifesyle podcasts lately. For the episodes where they discuss manifestation, it’s suggested that when you manifest, you say it as if it’s already happened. Which is what I’m going to do!

- I live in an apartment where I can listen to the sound of the beach outside my window

- I’ll be booking a trip to Cuba or the UK and Tasmania this year!

- I’m conquering all challenges in my new role as a Social Media Manager

- I’m living a fulfilling life where I’m working on myself and growing as a person

That’s the list so far… the rest I’ll be keeping myself :)

This is the last entry for my #30daysofgratitude challenge. I honestly am so glad I did this. The year started super tough for me and I knew practising gratitude would really help me see the bigger picture and see what I have is enough.

If you want to try this yourself, I highly recommend that you do! I’ve been practising gratitude almost daily now for two years (coming in May this year!) I’ve gone through multiple journals and it’s truly amazing to see how my mindset and life has changed because of it!

To me gratitude helps me focus on what I already have and not what I don’t have in my life. I believe that when you focus on what you have already, your life is rich and fulfilling !

If you’re new here, start at day 1 of my gratitude challenge.

How will you express gratitude this year?

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