Day 29 - 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: When Was The Last Time You Did Something Nice For Someone?


My holidays at the end of the year were a tough time for me. But when I got back to work after the Christmas break, I was showered with a lot of support from my work colleague. He would listen to me every time I needed to vent or talk about something, without any judgement. And he would never say, he got sick of it!

It’s ironic how most of our days are spent at the office or at our current workplaces, so we most likely may lean on our co-workers for support when we need it the most.

To show my appreciation, I was adamant on taking him out for lunch. We enjoyed the time we had and just spoke about what we’re excited about moving forward in our lives! Him and I are quite similar in personality types so we actually get a long really well!

The lunch was a token of my gratitude for his friendship and also thanking him for being there for me. It really does help to know and feel that you’re not alone during tough moments.

Describe the last time you did something nice for someone.

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