Day 28 - 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: What Do You Have That You Want More Of?

gratitude 2.jpeg

I have time and energy, but I’d love more of it! It seems like I have a lot on my plate right now.

I started the year with what felt like I didn’t have a lot going in my life (tbh I’ve felt this way since the end of the last year) but now I actually am starting a new role in my career, I’m starting to study again, I will be volunteering soon and I’ve also have taken Noted Beauty Blog to a whole new level where I’m churning so much content across my site, my Instagram page, YouTube and maybe a podcast soon….

With that all on my plate, I also want to make time for my hobbies!

I just need the time and energy to really pursue these things 100%. I guess it’s all about prioritising what’s really important in the now and being super organised!

Before I start taking up classes again, I’m going to enjoy the “quiet” period where all I have to focus on, is my work and myself. Soon when March roles around, my life is literally going to be excited and full!

What do you have that you want more of?

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