Day 27 - 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: What Is Your Top Goal And Why Are You Grateful For It?


My top goal in my life at the moment is to become a midwife. I’ve always wanted to do this role since I was 17 and watched an episode of Offspring. I know my capabilities and becoming an obstetrician is just unrealistic but I know I can be a midwife.

I applied to study a bachelors in nursing/midwifery when I finished high school but my marks did not meet the requirements.

The reason why I want to be a midwife is because family is an important value to me. Helping women is something I want to do with my life. I can’t think of a much better job than to help women bring their own families into this world. I also LOVE babies!

So fast forward to 2019….I’m going back to uni part-time to complete a bachelors in nursing and then 2 extra years of midwifery! I’m doing this while pursing my full-time career in marketing (as a content creator!). I absolutely love these two things and I know I can still create content even when I am a registered midwife.

I’m about to enter a very rewarding and hard journey of juggling my two passions, but I’m willing to make the sacrifices.

I’m grateful that I have the option to study online and still pursue my other dream role too full time. I’m so terrified (in a good way) and that’s why I know I have to at least give it a go!

What is your top goal and why are you grateful for it?

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