Day 26 - 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: What Everyday Items Are You Most Grateful For?


When I wake up in the morning, I’m really grateful that I have a comfortable bed to sleep on. Nothing is better then after a long day of hard work to just get into your night time routine and sleep peacefully. I purchased my first mattress from Ikea…it may not be the best quality but I’m grateful I was able to afford buying a mattress!

I’m thankful for my journal and planner. I’ve started morning pages as part of my morning routine and I absolutely feel so much better at the start of the day. I will dump all my worries and anxious thoughts onto paper without judgement and I find this super therapeutic.

My planner is a must for me. I’m a very organised person and I hate to forget important dates so I will note everything down. Especially now I’m juggling my full time job, my blog, self-studying schedule and also my volunteer role I will have to really be smart about time.

I’m grateful for my laptop. This isn’t a superficial material item. This is the one object that allows me to be able to be creative and create amazing things with. Without my laptop, I can’t post content, edit my photos or edit my videos and podcasts. It’s my lifeline to being creative!

What everyday items are you most grateful for?

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