Day 25 - 30 Days Of Gratitude Challenge: Describe The Last Time You Laughed So Hard You Almost Peed.


5 days left of this challenge! Although I haven’t been consistent in posting everyday, the important thing is that I’m showing up despite of it!

So the last time I laughed so hard I peed?

I stayed back one Friday arvo after work to have a couple of drinks with my work colleagues. One of our colleagues told us a story about how how him and his roommates made a Ouija board out of paper!

Now what actually followed, was a series of unexplainable sounds and doors shutting etc in their apartment when they started using the Ouija board. Then he proceeds to tell us that they had to go burn the paper Ouija board, not wood… a paper Ouija board into the deep vast ocean in Pyrmont! I laughed so hard because he also told us that they all had to apologise to the spirits through an empty cup! ahhaha

Obvs you guys had to be there but just the way he told the story made me die. This would’ve been a couple weeks back when I was feeling a little down about my personal life and I couldn’t even remember when I laughed that hard before that time.

I’m grateful for these small moments I have with my friends, because it reminds me I’m cared for and I have support around me espeically when I’m going through a tough time.

Describe the last time you laughed so hard you almost peed in the comments below.

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