Day 22 - 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: What Activities Do You Enjoy Most Doing?


I’m a huge outdoorsy person! I love to be in nature and I like to spend time outside as much as possible. I was never like this when I was younger. My first boyfriend actually introduced to me to hiking when we were together and ever since then I’ve been hooked.

I love going on long walks whenever I can. My favourite walk to do is the Bondi to Coogee walk. I get there around 7.30am-8am so that I can get a parking spot. It’s also the best time to walk because it’s quiet and serene.

The beach is also another place I enjoy. I love going during the summer time to go for a swim in the ocean and also read in the sun while baking. It’s also a great opportunity to work on my tan!

I love creating. I enjoy making videos, taking pictures and I love art. Something I’d like to try soon is pottery. I’d love to create something that I can use at home.

Another hobby I want to try is macrame. It’d be nice to create to something for friends and family.

A new hobby that I’ve recently taken up is dancing! Dancing I really enjoy. Once I learn a sequence, I love how freeing it is to dance. I’ve started hip-hop classes which has always been a dream of mine. By the end of the year, I want to dance amazingly well and record it! Just like those dance videos you see on YouTube!

Fingers crossed I achieve this goal!

What activities do you enjoy most doing?

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