Day 16 - 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: Make A List of Things Your Grateful For


Hi everyone :) I hope so far this gratitude challenge has been somewhat enlightening and you’ve been inspired to start your own. I’ve found that doing this has made me look forward to coming home and posting content every single day. I really do enjoy writing about the things I’ve been grateful for. It makes me realise how far I’ve come!

Today’s journal prompt is to make a list of things I’m grateful for. This one will be easy :)

I’m grateful for:

  • The weather we’ve had recently. It’s not always sunny, but I do love the heat!

  • My family and friends! They’ve always been there for me and when I’m down they’re more than happy to listen when I ask for help.

  • My job. I’m really grateful that I have a job where I can learn new things and take new challenges. It also gives me an income where I can live comfortably.

  • Living in Sydney. Sometimes I never really think about how lucky I am that I live in a city where we have the most beautiful beaches, parks, national parks and we’re quite close to scenic places like the Blue Mountains. There really is so much to do!

  • My blog. This blog has helped me through a lot of hardships because it’s a project that I’ve done in my own time to cultivate my creativity which has helped me focus on myself. It was also the reason on how I got my job that I’m in now.

  • The opportunity to travel. I’m really grateful that I can travel when I can afford too. Travelling is special to me because it helps me learn more about myself, I meet new people, I learn about a new culture and I gain new experiences!

There’s probably so many more things I’m grateful for but we will be here all night haha!

What are some of things you’re grateful for today?

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