Day 14 - 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge: How Can You Inject Gratitude Into A Current Challenge?


Welcome to day 14, we’re not two weeks into the challenge! Today’s journal prompt is, how can you inject gratitude into a current challenge?

I’m a little late to posting this since it’s literally 1 am on Sunday but I’m still going to do this!

At the moment I’m currently facing a small bump in the road with my work life. It’s normal to be facing a few challenges here and there at work, it’s how you grow.

What I normally do is take a step back and I try to look at the bigger picture. I’m really blessed for having the role that I’m working in at the moment and for the 2 years that I’ve been in the digital marketing industry, I’ve learnt so much. That’s how I inject gratitude into this challenge. Not by looking at the challenge but rather that every little small bump I’m experiencing, is helping me be better in my role.

It’s hard to feel this way right in the moment, but once I let myself feel upset about it and then it passes, I realise “ok this was meant to happen, what can I do differently moving forward?”.

How can you inject gratitude into a current challenge?

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