I Tried Waking Up at 5am And Here Are My Thoughts

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You’ve seen it around all on YouTube. Everyone is sharing their 5 am morning routines. After watching so many I decided to try it out myself. All of February I decided to start at 5 am to see if this would give me more time in the day and make me feel like I was more productive. The benefits of 5 am starts were increased productivity, more time in your day, more “me’ time and a better way to get your morning started before your workday.

This was my morning routine before I started my challenge:

6.00am - Wake Up

6.10am - Gym

6.40am-7.30am - Getting ready for work including morning pages, meditation, shower, makeup and a quick breakfast

You can see from 6.40am-7.30am, I was really trying to squeeze a lot of things in 50 mins.
I started waking up an hour early to combat the rush and see if this would help me feel less anxious in the mornings to get to work on time.

My new morning routine in February:

5.00am - Wake Up

5.00-5.30am - Morning Pages and Meditate

5.40am - 6.20am - Gym

6.30am-7.30am - Getting reading, shower, makeup and a quick breakfast.

So that’s my new morning routine, here are my thoughts on waking up at 5am:

#1 - Meditating and practising stillness first made sense


Waking up and getting all my thoughts out through my morning pages journal really helps with my anxiety. I found that doing that when I got back to the gym was defeating the purpose.

Morning pages are best done first thing in the morning and its the type of journalling where you write down your stream of consciousness. The purpose is to help the brain dump any worries, concerns and also bring clarity to anything in your life. I found that when I did it after the gym my worries and concerns were gone because I had already “vented it out” at the gym. I feel it’s more therapeutic to write down your worries so that you can confront them.

Also meditating before the gym gave me the opportunity to start my morning with myself. It’s a time where I could just be still. Once I head into the gym I find myself getting really hyped up by my workout and it’s hard to settle down after.

#2 - Working out early in the mornings made my nights free

I started working out before work since August last year and I found that my nights were now free. I used to workout straight after work and then after have a quick bite and head to bed. Now I can really create a mindful nighttime routine that helps me wind down and prepare for the next day.

Personally, having a morning and nighttime routine is really important for having alone time and re-centering myself. So now that I have the opportunity to do so, I found that I was able to manage stress and also bring more clarity into my day (in the mornings especially).

#3 - To wake up at 5, you need to prepare the night before

This was something that I found I struggled with. I tend to forget to pack my lunch the night before or even iron my clothes for the next day. To wake up early, preparation starts the night before.

If you know you won’t have time to have a proper breakfast, create an easy to grab breakfast the night before. I like to create smoothies in big batches and pour them into mason jars and store them in the fridge. Then I can just drink them on-the-go.

Iron your clothes and lay them out, pack your day bag and make sure your laptop is fully charged and ready for work.

Also, put your workout clothes out in front of your bed so you can see them.

Preparation is key!

#4 - Make your bed so you don’t get back in

As soon as the alarm goes off, I get straight out and make my bed. They say if you do your bed that’s the first thing off your list that you’ve accomplished for the day! It’s easy and when you get home, your bed is made. Easy peasy!

If you don’t make your bed, you’ll be easily coaxed into getting back in.

#5 - If you don’t do it every day, it’s ok, you’re human!

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They’re definitely days where I couldn’t get up right at 5am. Don’t punish yourself but think what can I do for myself now. There was a day where I woke up at 5.30am so instead of rushing, I still proceeded with my morning routine but took a short gym session. The gym for me is for my mind and to be active in the mornings. If you want to sacrifice that, then you can always do it later in the day!

The important thing to remember is that these routines need to work for YOU. Just because everyone is waking up at 5 am doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. Create a mindful morning routine that works for your needs and helps you start your day.