4 Habits That Have Made My Life Just That Little Bit Better

4 habits

This year has honestly become the year of becoming better! I truly have immersed myself into adopting really healthy habits for myself that not only make me feel good but make me a better person.

I think self-development and self-improvement is something we should really look into doing on a weekly basis. Because who wants to stay the same every week or every year? Don’t you what to be a better version of yourself every day?

Growth is fantastic. It helps you look back and see how far you’ve come. What you’ve learnt and also what you’ve done for yourself.

Here are 4 habits that made my life just that little bit better that make me:

  • Feel good

  • Look good

  • Learn better

  • And reflect on myself

#1 - Meditation

I only just started taking this habit really seriously this year. I’ll have another separate blog post on this soon on how I feel after meditating for 90 days, so stay tuned for that. I decided to start meditating every morning since the new year because I wanted to take control of my thoughts and my anxiety.


For too long I’ve let my anxiety dictate my life and not only want to do this for myself but I felt managing it seriously would lead me to be being a better person to be around. Not that I was difficult to be around but it’s more about being considerate to others. When I felt overwhelmed I used to just call anyone who was at arm’s length in the hopes that they would fix how I was feeling. What I actually needed to do was first get in tune with myself first and figure it out. Then I’m more than able to speak about what I was going through with a supportive friend.

Meditation has helped me confront my worries, feelings and thoughts. It has given me the opportunity to have this feeling of stillness with myself every morning before I start my day. It helps me set the intention of the day.

#2 - My self-care Sunday routine

This is also a routine that I’ve adapted weekly for a while to set some downtime aside after a busy week. We get so caught up in doing things for others or perhaps working that we never really sit down with ourselves and spend time on our own.

My self-care Sunday routine allows me to make myself feel and look good. It’s not only a form of self-care but self-love too.

#3 - Set at least 4 hours aside for self-learning or hobbies

Every week I will book myself some time to do some self-learning or a hobby of mine that I really enjoy. I go hip-hop dancing every single week which is dedicated time. That is already an hour a week.

Then during the week I will pick and choose what other self-learning I’d like to do. Sometimes it might just be reading a new book, watching a Ted talk or even just learning how to cook a new recipe.

I believe it’s important to set this time aside to not only spend time with yourself but also to stimulate the brain!

morning pages

#4 - Morning pages journalling

I’m sure you’ve seen me talk about this so many times now but morning pages have really changed my mornings. When I wake up the first thing I do after brushing my teeth is sit down at my vanity and write three pages of unedited conscious writing.

Any thought, feeling, worry or stress I may be feeling that morning I will write it down. The power of putting pen to paper really can help you manage any worries you have. It even helps you bring new ideas to the table for any projects or jobs you may have.

It has brought clarity and calm to my mornings and I will be continuing to do this for quite a long time. I’ve already gone through 3 Moleskin notebooks this year alone!