30 Day Gratitude Challenge


Tomorrow I will be embarking on a 30 day gratitude challenge. I’ve been through a lot of adversity in 2018 and I’m sure 2019 won’t be any different. It’s just how life is and I accept it. In fact, out of every single unpleasant situation I’ve been through, something amazing happens on the other side.

In the midst of going through something difficult, I find gratitude is something that keeps my head above water. I’ve been keeping a gratitude journey since July 2018. I do daily entries but sometimes it can be hard to keep yourself accountable.

When you love what you have, you have everything you need.

The start of 2019 started quite rocky for me so I’ve decided to do a 30 day gratitude challenge. I’m going to hold myself accountable and to also show you how amazing practicing gratitude is, I’m going to share you my daily journal entries here on the blog!

Let me know if you decide to join in as well. We can hold each other accountable and share the positive experiencing of gratitude.

Do you practice gratitude?

GratitudeLisa Tran