3 Beauty Products That Have Changed My Life


Lately, I’ve been so focused on sharing my journey with you on my self-growth and self-development that I actually miss blogging about beauty. So today I’m going to discuss 3 beauty products that have literally changed my beauty routine. You might find a new holy grail product in today’s blog post! I still wear the same beauty look every single day, but I’ve recently switched a few of the products to replace the ones I was using before.

Recently I was invited along to MAC’s Brow Campaign this April. This is where I discovered my new found love for their eyebrow products!

Read below to see what my new favourite beauty products are including from my very exciting MAC visit!

MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara*

For anyone who suffers from straight lashes that just don’t hold the curl without a waterproof formula...I found the solution. Well, I was gifted the solution!

MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara has literally left me shook. Usually, I’d curl my lashes and use a waterproof formula mascara. But this mascara can hold the curl and it’s water resistant (not waterproof), which means it doesn’t smudge on your bottom lash line when you wear it all day!

It also helps extend the length of your lashes because it coats your lashes individually! Honestly so impressed by the formula and the performance of this product. Well played MAC!

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

I totally forgot I had this in my collection and I started using this when I ran out of my holy grail NARS Creamy Concealer.

The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer gives you the best under eye coverage that any tired-eyed girl can wish for. I like to conceal not only my under eyes with this but also around the nose and any imperfections I have. On most days I actually just wear this alone with no foundation!

It’s a fantastic drug-store alternative to the NARS Creamy Concealer!

My Silicone Facial Cleansing Tool

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned my silicone facial cleansing tool ever on my blog or Instagram page. I was gifted this nifty thing at last years Beauty Expo and it was part of our goodies bag that was being given to all media participants (i.e. me being a blogger!)

Ever since then I’ve been using it with my facial cleanser and it really has dramatically improved my skincare routine. During seasons changing I noticed my skin never became irritated and also there was a noticeable reduction in imperfections.

Because the cleansing tool is made out of silicone, it doesn’t spread or harbour bacteria. Since I was 16 years old I’d also clean my face with my hands but now I realised that was probably causing a lot of the blockages and imperfections on my skin.

I’m never going back to just plain hands, I’ll be using this foreverrrrrr!

What beauty products have you used recently that have changed your beauty game?