How To Get The Perfect Base For YOU

foundationLike most people, I like the appearance of smooth, clear skin. In reality, we tend to have a couple of imperfections or some of us may have problematic skin. In my opinion, the perfect base consists of great skincare, prepping the skin before makeup, the right foundation colour, your preferred foundation base and using the right tools.

Today I share my 5 steps on how to get the perfect base that is perfect for you:

#1 - Perfect your skin care

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I believe great makeup starts with skincare. It's important to find a skincare line and routine that works for you. I'd suggest heading to a skincare clinic for a consultation. That way you'll find out all the "issues" you have with your skin and usually, the skincare consultants will tell you what type of ingredients you should use for your skin type.

#2 - Before makeup, always prep the skin

I'm still quite sceptical about the lasting power of primers but I do believe they give you a smooth texture before applying foundation. At the moment I'm starting off with my skincare and then over the top, I've been using MAC Prep + Primer Moisture Infusion Serum Hydration*I notice that it gives me that extra dose of moisture that my skin needs and keeps my skin smooth ready for foundation.

Find a primer that works for you. Testing primers or any makeup product is essential to finding the right one that suits your skin.

#3 - Get colour matched

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited by MAC Cosmetics (Brand etc) to get colour matched. I've been matched the shade NC25 with their Studio Fix Fluid range. It's the best shade for me at the moment since I'm tanned and when I buy foundations, I always ask to be matched to my neck. Being matched to your neck is better because it will blend with the rest of the body rather than the colour on your face.

So what you need to do is head to your favourite makeup counter and get colour matched. 9 times out of 10 they'll most likely give you a sample to take home and try!

#4 - Pick your preferred formula

You can choose from cream, liquid or powder foundations. Depending on your skin type and your preferred coverage will determine which type of formula to go for.

  • Cream formulas can you give you medium to full coverage. These are best suited towards combination and oily skin types. They're usually heavier on the skin and have a matte finish.
  • Liquid formulas are versatile. You can purchase liquid formulas that are sheer, medium or full coverage. Liquid foundations also come in a variety of formulas for different skin types.
  • Powder foundations are great for combination and oily skin types. Bareminerals does a really amazing powder foundation that covers acne and other common imperfections. This type of foundation can be quite buildable in coverage as well.

#5 - Use the right tools

makeup brushes

Using the right tools will really help put your base on the way you want it too. You can choose from brushes, sponges or your fingers! If you decide to your fingers, pleaseeeee wash your hands beforehand!

At the moment I love using brushes, I haven't touched my beauty blenders in months! What I love about them is how well they buff into the skin and make my foundation appear flawless!

What are your steps in getting the perfect base? Leave us a comment and let us know :)

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