Digyhu: A Noted Beauty - What's Inside Isabella Hung's Makeup Bag? [Travel Edition]


travel skincare I've always enjoyed watching travel makeup bag videos on YouTube. I thought as an addition to the "Noted Beauties" series on Noted Beauty Blog, we'd take a peek into travel makeup bags too! They're intriguing because they are like the minimalised versions of your skincare & makeup products.

It will be interesting to see what products people will sacrifice or have to have with them on their travels, so for the first of this series, I was ecstatic to talk to Isabella Hung of Digyhu!

Bella has been one of my favourite style influencers on Instagram for over a year now and I finally got to meet her in person at this year's Beauty Expo. She runs a fantastic blog and loves to vlog on her Youtube Channel!

A delight to have tea with and a sight for sore eyes, we talked all things beauty, travel and lifestyle.

Let's take a peek into her travel makeup bag...

Let's start with talking travel. What’s the most surreal place you’ve travelled too?

I’m going to have to say Montenegro. I didn’t know what to expect. It’s just one of those places where you will keep looking up and around you.

There are just incredible rocky mountains and landscapes all around you.

I feel excited just talking about! I wanna go back!


What’s your favourite part about travelling?

The memories you take away. I’m an extremely nostalgic person, so I always love to reflect on my past travels.



What other places have been your favourite to visit?

Santorini is probably the most picturesque place I’ve ever been too. I love Santorini.

Switzerland is the second place. We went in the middle of Summer and stayed in the areas within the Swiss Alps.

In terms of city places, Budapest. It's really, really nice and I prefer it over other common city destinations like Paris.


Dream destination?

It has to be Jordan. I had a friend that travelled to Jordan and Egypt, I thought to myself I really have to go!

Other than your travel makeup bag, what are your essentials in your carry-on?

My carry-on bag is mainly all tech and beauty. I always take my laptop, noise cancelling headphones, my hard drive, backup USB and all my spare batteries. I carry two cameras around with me. I can take one which is my DSLR camera to take proper shots with and then my vlog camera, which is compact and one that I use to film. It’s really convenient to carry because for example,  if I head to a place like a beach, it’s just a lot easier to take with me.


What’s your travel skincare routine like?

So in-flight, I always cleanse, hydrate and moisturise. I don’t really need any serums with me, I want to try to keep the skin calm. I only use Ultraceuticals products.

I’ll use the Ultra Balancing Gel Cleanser, Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum and Ultra Hydrating Lotion. This is the core routine.

I also will always have lip balm, hand moisturiser and my Lanolips Multipurpose Balm with me.


Finally, what’s in your travel makeup bag?

travel makeup

When it comes to packing my travel makeup bag, I focus on two things. The formula and size.

Cream formulas are easy to carry and they aren’t prone to breakage. A tip I like to do when I carry compressed powder products is to place paper towels inside to cushion them from breaking when travelling.

Concealer is a great product to use for my base when I just want to cover and conceal certain areas. I love using the Tarte Shape Tape for this.

I love to have a bronzy look when I’m travelling. I’m always travelling to sunny places. My favourite bronzy product to use is the NARS Multiple Duo. One side is a highlighter and then the other side is a matte bronzer. I’ll also use the matte bronzer side on my eyes as a sheer base.


I then go in with a sparkly bronzy eyeshadow stick. I use the Eyeko Eyeshadow stick which is great because you can sheer it out and let it set. It’s a nice wash to the eyes. I also love using my Stila Mascara because it doesn’t smudge and when you’re travelling you don’t want that to happen.

For finishing touches, I use the Peach Cloud Paint by Glossier for the cheeks. Then for lips, I have a fear of matte formulas so I will pat Glossier Generation G (in either shade, Jam or Zip) on the lips. 

Get to know Digyhu & her favourite brands

Your favourite lipstick?

Glossier - Generation G and Nars Satin Lip Pencils

Your favourite foundation? 

Ellis Faas - Skin Veil Foundation

Favourite Perfumes? Glossier, Maison Margiela - Lazy Sunday Morning and Chanel - Chance

Skincare brand? 

Ultraceuticals (of course!)

Your favourite bags? 

Chloe and Zara


Tony Bianco

Can't live without accessories?

Sunglasses - Ray Bans and Jewellery - Reliquia Jewellery


Daily Planner from An Organised Life


Glasshouse and Jo Malone


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Thank you so much Bella for letting me interview you! Let us know your travel essentials in the comments below!

*This interview was conducted over a nice cup of tea and Kurtosh donuts. All words may have been edited for the puporse of this post. All images are taken from @digyu's Instagram with the permission of Isabella Hung.