4 Of My Favourite Nude Lipsticks - Which Is Your Favourite?

nude lipsticks I love nudes. Send me nudes anytime and I’ll be happy (nude lipstick shades duh!) Nude lipsticks are really my favourite types to wear on an everyday basis. You really can’t go wrong.

However, for each type of skin tone will have different suited nude shade! Depending on your skin tone will give you a good idea of what types of nude undertones to use.

My skin tone is medium with a yellow undertone, so I like to stick to anything that is peachy, pinks or browns.

If you need some help on what kind of nudes to choose based off your skin tone, check this guide out by Byrdie!

Here are my favourite 4 nude lipsticks that I like to wear on any given day.



#1 MAC Viva Glam II

This is like my classic go-to if I’m stuck on what to wear with any makeup look. It goes with anything and everything. The Viva Glam II is a pink mauve toned lipstick. It’s in a satin finish and I find it sits nicely on the lips. If I apply lip primer beforehand, I find it lasts for a while too.

#2 MAC Persistence

I’ve definitely spoken about this lipstick on the blog years ago and surprisingly based on Google Analytics, it’s one of my most popular blog posts.

Persistence is a dark brown with a brick undertone shade, and it’s really easy to wear. It’s not that dark at all. It’s like a my lips but better shade for me. So for anyone that has a fair skin tone, this would definitely be really dark for you. It comes in a matte finish but not drying at all.

I used to wear this every single day back in 2015. Every time I wear it, it gives me throwback mems of those makeup days!

#3 Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in Loyalist

A new favourite of mine that I only started wearing this year. It’s a cool toned pink nude and it applies like a dream. Its staying power is bloody fantastic and it doesn’t come off! Note that with this formula you do need to be aware of oily foods because it will slip off!

It’s a really great liquid lipstick on the drugstore market to buy and they also come in other nude colours as well.

#4 NYX Lip Lingerie in Corset

Oh damn. This is liquid lipstick has to be my top 2 out of the 4 I’ve mentioned here. I’m not sure how I discovered this, it must have been one of those “random” trips to Priceline to have a geez. This is a light brown nude that I feel goes with a lot of smokey eye looks. If I have a natural makeup look, it’ll be too light. The lip lingerie shade range is versatile and it comes in many different shades of nudes, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find yours!


What's your favourite nude lipstick? Let me know in the comments below!

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