MAC Masterclass: All About Smokey & Cut Crease Eyes At the Beauty Expo 2018

beauty expo 2018I was lucky enough to be invited to this year's Beauty Expo in Sydney and to also attend a MAC Masterclass all about eye makeup! Which if you know me well, eye makeup is my favourite! Lily from LilynotLouise joined me and we observed the three-hour long masterclass.

They went through 2 key eye makeup looks. The Smokey eye and the Cut Crease (an Instagram favourite). The MAC teachers (Carol Mackie and Nicole 'Pinky' Thompson) demonstrated these looks on two different models to show us how it's done.

The Masterclass

I'm going to share the tips and techniques I learnt from the masterclass. I can't wait to try out these myself because I was super switched on the entire class! I found myself doing a lot of umming and ahhinnggg to myself!

I'll do my best to remember all the product names! Silly me, I didn't note down a few of the product names since I was being an attentive listener!

The Smokey Eye

The first look was a simple but very effective smokey eye that I feel you can wear day or night. Here were the tips and techniques I learnt. Unfortunately I couldn't get a photo of this look.

  • You don't need a primer if you use a cream eyeshadow. Carol used a MAC Painpot in Constructivist as a base. She started off using an eyeshadow brush similar to the MAC 217. Applied this all over the lids for a beautiful wash of colour.
  • Then she went in with the MAC Semi-Sweet x 9 Palette using the top right-hand corner shades and the one underneath to blend out the edges and to warm the eye up. (Sorry they don't have the shade names on the website for some reason!)

Eye Shadow x 9: Semi-Sweet Times Nine

  • To get the best out of the application, Carol says to load the brush up with the paintpot and then press into a tissue so that you don't get that intense blob upon the initial swipe or application.
  • She then finished the look on the model by applying mascara to further bring definition to the eyes

The Cut Crease

mac masterclass beauty expo

Nicole demonstrated this look and she says the aim of the game is taking the crease colour higher than your natural crease to lift the eye. The following tips and techniques were demonstrated:

  • Before she starts, she uses an eye primer on the lids to intensify the shadows. Nicole says that if your client requires makeup to stay on all day you can use the same eye primer (if it's a long-lasting formula) on areas around the mouth, nose and forehead to keep the makeup on longer
  • Nicole used a lip pencil (a technique I've never seen) to draw the "crease". As mentioned, she draws this just above the model's natural crease and then using a blending eyeshadow brush, she starts to blend the pigment out. Using a lip pencil is a lot creamier and easier to work with. It also has great staying power.
  • For the lid, Nicole opted for a loose shimmery pigment to make the cut crease pop.
  • To finish the look, Nicole demonstrates how to do a winged eyeliner using a gel liner for a hooded eye. The key tip is to follow the bottom lash line and to continue it along to get the right angle. Also, it's important the eye is open while applying liner.

mac masterclass beauty expo

Smokey Eye #2 (A Blue Eyeshadow Look)

mac masterclass beauty expo 2018

Carol demonstrates another smokey eye look but a really fun, bright version! This look features blue eyeshadow and it's finished off with a really nice glow to the cheeks.

Here are the key techniques that I learnt:

  • Carol used a MAC Retro Matte liquid lipstick as the base for the lid. Again, no primer was used! I love how they use other products not designed for the eyes to be used in that area!
  • Then once that was blended out, she used a really shimmery cobalt blue to the lid using a similar blending brush to the 217 and slowly built that colour up.
  • What about fallout? Ah! I knew you were going to ask that question! How Nicole and Carol clean up fall out is by taking a damp sponge and spraying it with Fix +. Fix + is a moisture spray so that it will hydrate your skin rather than drying it out. Press the sponge underneath the eyes and then you can apply your foundation and concealer again. The area shouldn't be dry because of moisture from the setting spray.
  • For highlight, Carol uses a round fluffy brush (something similar to a powder brush) to load it up with MAC's Soft & Gentle Highlighter and then using Fix + sprays the brush and loads it up with more product. Then applies to the top of the cheekbones for maximum glow!

mac masterclass beauty expo

Class wraps up!

That was all the tips and tricks that I managed to learn (and remember!). Thank you so much to Beauty Expo for inviting me to one of the biggest beauty events in Sydney this year! I honestly had the best time and feel super privileged to have attended a MAC Masterclass!


*I was invited to Beauty Expo as a Media guest. The MAC Masterclass is an educational workshop that is part of Beauty Expo