Beauty By Vee: A Noted Beauty - What's Inside Veronica Ng's Makeup Bag?

beauty by vee What I love about the beauty blogging community is the like-minded people you meet along the way. I've been blessed to be a part of an evergrowing group of passionate influencers. Most recently I caught up with Veronica from @beautybyyvee to talk all things beauty and to get to know her a little bit better.

She's a woman of all trades when it comes to her work. Not only does she have her own beauty blog, she does makeup tutorials (both on Instagram & YouTube), vlogging and she her very own podcast, the Beauty Bloggers Digest Podcast program. I mean what doesn't this ambitious and brave woman not do?

Read on about us talking all things makeup, skincare, beauty and what's inside her makeup bag!

My everyday makeup is neutral eyes and winged liner.

Lots of mascara is a must!

If I’m lazy and just want to sleep in a little, it’s just winged liner and foundation. For Instagram and trying out different looks, I occasionally like to go colourful.

I definitely love going out of my comfort zone.

But then sometimes I love going back to my neutral looks.

Most recently I purchased the Huda Beauty Colourful Obsessions palette and went for a yellow and pink look, but it ended up being warmed toned anyway!

You know when you know something looks good on you? You just stick with it.

I think I was in Year 8 when I first started wearing makeup.

I started wearing kohl eyeliner. I remember when my girlfriends and I used to go into the bathrooms before class and just lined the upper lash line and the bottom waterline, and that would be it! Haha!

It wasn’t probably until I was 18 that I actually tried eyeshadow, not even foundation. Just eyeshadow and brows. Then about 5 years ago, when I was 20, I started to experiment with a whole bunch of stuff. That’s when I figured out a new whole world of makeup. I discovered Michelle Phan on YouTube around this time.

Urban Decay Naked 1 was my first expensive beauty purchase.

The OG. However I did buy the Too Faced Smokey Eye Palette too.

A brow kit is definitely an essential product to have in your makeup bag. 100%.

Some of these are my favourites and some of these I use as my weekend/travel essentials.

The foundation is the Maybelline Dream Cushion, it’s so easy to use because you don’t need a sponge or a brush. You can just apply this on yourself, it so quick and easy. It’s got really nice coverage as well.

Most of these other products I would use on a daily basis. The Tarte Palette is an everyday palette for me. To be honest, any Tarte palette is an everyday palette for me! They’re a great palette to invest in because they have a good combination of fun and neutral colours to work with.

Mascara is definitely an everyday essential for sure. Because I can’t be bothered putting lashes on every day. Putting false lashes on just really takes too much of my time!

beauty by vee

The Benefit Hoola bronzer is a classic for bronzing. It also has its own little brush which is so convenient. The Bioderma lip balm I always need that especially during the colder, winter months. Lastly, my IT Cosmetics under eye concealer is something I’ve purchased recently. It’s so good for the under eye area and you only need a small amount.

These products are definitely something I’d take on a weekend trip!

I wanted to expose the beauty community into the podcast community.

I found that there weren’t many Aussie beauty podcasts around. I’m quite an ambitious person and sometimes I can be overambitious haha! [I tell her she is super brave for doing this].

It’s a lot of work! But I’ve been obsessed with podcasts for a while now. I found it easier to talk about beauty through voice rather than writing it out. I feel like podcasts are really blowing up at the moment. It’s so huge now!

I first reached out to Laura from Life of Laura, who was one of the first bloggers that I had ever connected with. She was all down for doing the podcasts with me. Then I interviewed Felicia from Beauty and the Geek AU, Isabella from Digyhu and Emily from Why Hello Beauty!

For a while, I was just doing Instagram, blogging and freelancing.

Blogging started in 2015 I think? 2015 I started a blog called “Chit Chat & Coffee”. I did a website and everything. The idea was to interview bloggers but in the form of writing. So I did get quite a few interviews and I had that going for a while. But it wasn’t beauty focused. It was blogging in general. Around this time, this is when I found a big passion for beauty. I decided I didn’t want to continue “Chit Chat & Coffee” anymore, so then I did Certificate III in Makeup. This is when I decided to start a brand new blog and set it up for both my business (Veronica does freelance makeup services too) and my personal beauty content.

It wasn’t until recently that I started doing makeup videos on Instagram. I saw a lot of people starting to do it and thought I’d try it out too. I began uploading onto Facebook as well. I saw that people were reacting to it by commenting and watching it. It was honestly mostly family & friends at first! At the same time, I was uploading on Instagram. I got pretty good feedback from it so I just kept doing it.

At the beginning of this year, I started doing YouTube and vlogging.

I wanted to keep my own memories on video.

I don’t really do it when I’m walking on the street, I’ll do it sometimes, depending on where I am. But I wouldn’t do here in this cafe, since they’re so many people! But I think the reason why I started was because of It’sJudysLife.

I do watch my vlogs back and think to myself, “wow this year has gone by so quickly!”. I purely did it for myself and then I started really enjoying editing and trying to figure out different ways to edit. I found that vlogging was so casual and makeup tutorials/YouTube can be a little challenging to film since they can be quite technical and you gotta be switched on.

*This interview may have been edited for the purposes of this blog post.

I hope you enjoyed reading the first of the Noted Beauties series! The Noted Beauties series will bring up and coming beauty & lifestyle influencers, where we can learn more about them and why they love what they do! I will be interviewing more beauty influencers, so if you know someone who deserves to have their story shared, please email me :)

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