5 Beauty Blogs & Publications I'm Loving At The Moment

favourite beauty blogs Hey guys :) Lately I've been reading and watching a lot of makeup content! If I'm not playing with it, I'm definitely either writing, watching or reading all about it!

Today I'm sharing my 5 beauty blogs & publications that I'm enjoying their content recently.

Gritty Pretty

I've been a fan of Gritty Pretty for a couple of years now. Love their content and their branding. Eleanor Pendelton is definitely an inspiration to me and someone that I'd love to inspire to be. I'd love to write and create content about beauty as my full-time job one day!

They also sell must-have and luxe beauty products (from various different brands) on their site which you can check out here.

The Memo // Meca.com.au

Who hasn't been loving the makeup tutorial that Mecca has been uploading? A friend of mine and I were discussing how we love the concept of the "Mecca Girls" where they call themselves #MECCAbeautyjunkies (like the rest of us!) and post about their own favourite beauty products on Instagram. I've been watching all their makeup tutorials on The Memo and have to control myself from heading online to buy all the products!

Teni Panosian

I adore Teni from YouTube. I love her makeup philosophy of "less is more" and she really embraces her natural features which I have soooo much respect for! She also does dramatic looks as well. Recently, I've been influenced to dial down the makeup and just try and enhance my features, which I'm really enjoying surprisingly.


Continuing from my latest obsession of "natural" makeup, I've been watching a lot of demos on Nudestix's Instagram makeup. I love the fact they talk about going "naked" but better! I really need to rush off to Sephora like right now because I want to buy all the Nudestix I can get my hands on!


Joanna Vongphoumy

I just discovered Joanna. She does a lot of beautiful makeup tutorials. I always love watching Asian beauty vloggers because they usually have similar skin tones and features to me so I can really learn what will look good and suit me better. I enjoyed watching her recent tutorial below.

What are your favourite beauty blogs, vloggers or publications to read or watch regularly? Let us know in the comments!

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