Natural Skincare With Harvest Garden*

harvest garden skincare natural liquid soap Harvest Garden is a brand I've been sent products before so when they contacted me again to try their products I was really excited because I love what their products stand for and are free from harmful chemicals.

They gifted me three products, the Rose Geranium Natural Handcrafted Soap, Lavender and Green Tea Natural Liquid Soap and the Peppermint Natural Bath Cubes.

For this post, I unfortunately don't have a bathtub (I know I wish I had one at home!) so I can't really review this product so I've generously gifted this to my best friend who does have one! She'll report back to me once she has given them a go and I can give you guys an update!

 A quick background on Harvest Garden

Their products are produced free from harmful chemicals and they only use natural ingredients. They are handcrafted and are safe, affordable and accessible to everyone. They make a range of skincare, body and bath products.

I previously have mentioned that I have psoriasis and it's really important for my skin to use products that won't irritate or aggravate any rashes or discomfort for me.

Rose Geranium Natural Handcrafted Soap

I'll be honest. At first, I was quite sceptical about using soap bars because of how drying and stripping they can be. But Harvest Garden sent me information about how they make their bars and how normal commercial soap bars are made. It was interesting to see that my views on commercial soap were right and that they are full of toxic chemicals that are not good for your skin.

The Rose Geranium soap bar is made out of:

  • Sweet Almond oil: great for softening and nourishing the skin.
  • Coconut oil: for keeping the skin smooth and moisturised.
  • Olive oil: has three major antioxidants Vitamin E, polyphenols and phytosterols. When applied topically it helps protect the skin from premature skin ageing.
  • Macadamia nut oil: helps reduce itchiness and inflammation.
  • Beeswax: for soothing and softening of the skin and also to help retain moisture.
  • Essential oils: have therapeutic benefits and also smell fantastic for skincare!

My thoughts:

I actually liked the soap! It was very gentle on my skin and I noticed I wasn't itchy at all. I usually do get slightly itchy with supermarket soap bars but this one is really great for my psoriasis. The only thing that I would say I wasn't pleased with at first (but now I look past) is the feeling of the dryness after washing off the soap. But if that doesn't bother you, definitely give this one a go!

Lavender and Green Tea Liquid Soap

Now, this is an interesting product that I was really impressed by! First of all, lavender in any skincare or body product is a win for me, I love the smell!

What was interesting about the product was that the liquid soap was quite thin. Usually, liquid soaps are thick and it's because they contain surfactants, detergent-based foaming agents and/or preservatives which make them foam up. So you only require using a small amount to use for your whole body. It means less product waste and also it's better for your skin and body!

My thoughts:

I really did find it unusual to only use a very small amount for the entire body but a small amount does go a long way. The smell of the product is amazing and I love that you don't need to waste so much product. This would a great for travelling and if you like to use liquid soap instead of a soap bar this would be a great choice.

*These products were sent to me as a gift and were requested to be reviewed. For more information on how I review products read more here.

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