May Favourites & Highlights

may 2018 beauty skincare favourite Hi everyone! Welcome to another monthly favourite's post and this one, in particular, is an exciting one because it means we're already halfway through the year! How crazy is that!

Let's just jump right into what I was loving in the month of May!

May Beauty Favourites

NARS Creamy Concealer

One of my all-time favourite concealers you can't go wrong with this one. It does everything you need it to do. Whether be concealing dark under eyes, covering imperfections or evening skin tone, it really does the job for you. There are so many different concealer hacks you can do with this product.

I have this concealer in two different shades, one that matches my skin tone and a much lighter shade for highlighting.

I've literally only been wearing this on my skin to work every day and I don't even bother with foundation.

I pray that it never EVER gets discontinued.

Fenty Beauty Match Stix in Amber

I've been leaning towards more natural makeup looks where you focus on emphasising the features you already have instead of covering them. I recently watched Lisa Eldridge's YouTube video on "A Natural (ish) Look Using 'Instagram' Classics" which is where she uses really popular makeup products hyped up by Instagram or YouTube and shows you how to use them to highlight the features you already have.

She used the Fenty Beauty Match Stix in Amber to do really subtle contouring and to contour her eyelids and WOAH it makes such a pretty difference.

I basically just do a slight contour of my cheekbones, forehead and apply a small amount of my eyelids and it really makes a difference!

Laneige BB Cushion

If I'm looking for something with a little bit more coverage but not too much I've been reaching for my Laneige BB Cushion which I purchased in Hong Kong more than two years ago now! I was smart enough to purchase the refill (at that time) of the cushion to replace my old one since you can't buy it here.

It's got great coverage and covers redness so well! I don't use the pad that comes with it to apply the product, I'd rather use a dense foundation brush like my Real Technique Expert Face Brush which does a great job of blending the product into my skin.

This BB cream is great for those who are looking for something that has great coverage (not full coverage) but very lightweight on the skin.

May Skincare Favourites

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

I started using this much-loved product in the last week of May and I feel like it's already improving the texture of my skin!

Famous for having a lot of fantastic skincare benefits such as:

  • renewing the skin surface
  • assisting with age spots
  • anti-ageing properties
  • keeping the skin clear

I love how it's easy to apply with either a cotton pad or even your hands! I apply this before my eye cream and moisturiser! I'm planning to purchase the full bottle but it's seriously going to burn a major hole in my wallet!

Face Halo

I can't believe I haven't mentioned these miracle makeup removers in my monthly favourites before! I've shared them on my Instagram page and I know I'm not the only fan out there who really appreciates these.

Ever since I ordered these online I haven't used my micellar water or waterproof eye makeup remover to take my makeup off anymore. I just use plain water and these babies. They take EVERYTHING OFF. Even my waterproof liner and mascara.

It means no weird skin irritations and no more wasting money on buying makeup remover products when I can just save the money for buying the more important skin care products that are a part of my everyday routine!

That's pretty much it for my monthly favourites, I'm keeping it super simple with just makeup and skincare this month! What were your May favourites and highlights?

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