Why I Love Using Body Oils

body oil bio oil ikou body oilWe're now coming into winter and I'm really trying to find any tiny bit of appreciation for the cold weather in me! I'm really more of a summer person and I'm going to miss the hot weather so badly! I mean there are a lot of positives of the winter season ahead.....lots of Netflix sessions, hot comfort food trips and cute winter fashion is to be enjoyed soon.

Something I do very diligently during the colder seasons is making sure that my skin is hydrated and not dry! A pet peeve of mine is dry flaky skin and I make it my mission to keep my skin smooth like a baby's butt!

I'll share why body oils are super amazing for your skin and a couple of my favourite ones that I use.

Body oils are super moisturising for the skin.

The ingredients that you will find in most body oils include jojoba oil, avocado oil and almond oil which are super nourishing and hydrating for your skin.

If you've been a follower of mine from the start you would know I really hate dry skin. I hate the look of it and I detest the feel of it! So I always moisturise my body at least once a day which is usually after having a shower. I even use body oils in the shower that you use as a body wash!

Body oils help repair your skin.

Similar to how they nourish your skin, it can help repair skin. Some body oils are formulated to help with broken skin, fading scars, reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone and also ageing skin.

My favourite body oil products.

Bio Oil*

I'm sure this product is no stranger to your own skincare cabinet but Bio Oil is a staple for me. I was gifted a fair few bottles last year to just try out and they didn't even want me to post about it!

I've been using Bio Oil ever since for my stretch marks and also the scars that I have. It's also really great for moisturising the skin which is a big plus for me!

Ikou Body Massage Oil

I discovered this brand on a day trip to the Blue Mountains during the long Easter weekend. Ikou is an all organic and natural skincare brand that is Australian made and produced in the Blue Mountains.

The body oil is really nourishing for the skin and it has the best scent! The scent is Turkish rose and rose geranium, and anything rose is going to be an automatic yes from me!

I use it every day now when I get out of the shower and then add body lotion on top to lock the oil in and additional moisture to my skin.

Have you tried body oils before? What are your favourites to use?

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