My Final Thoughts On The Lumitherapy*

Today I'm sharing my final thoughts on the Lumitheraphy Lumi Customisable Skin Rejuvenator that I was gifted back in February.

Here are a few disclaimers that I need to come clean about:

  • I only used it 1- 2 times a week (you're supposed to use it 2-3 times max)
  • I didn't really use it for the full 5 mins that it recommends. I might have used the device for 3 mins (the reason I'm pointing this out is due to the results I may have potentially gotten if I used the device properly)
  • Towards the end of March (last two weeks up until this time), I stopped using it.

So I may not be giving the best review on this product but I do have some thoughts I think is important for me to tell you because let's be honest, not every beauty blogger out there is going to use products they are gifted to their full advantage and/or not going to like. I'm not saying I don't like the product, I think the idea of it is fantastic but I don't think it is suited to me personally.

But hear me out first!

If it's a small nifty device.

Perfect for travelling. This device can fit in your handbag. If skin care is a priority for you on a trip, this won't take up so much space.

You can use any USB port to charge it!

This is definitely more convnienet when you're travelling and you don't have to bring to many cords and electricals when you're using this on the go.

Instructions are super long!

I would say this product has a lot of steps that you have to read before using the Lumi. I jumped onto their website to find a dot point list on how to use it. I found it convenient that it was listed in dot points, but it was a lot of instructions for a quick guide on their website.

Probably cheaper than going to get it done.

I guess in the long run you probably would be saving a tonne of money if you do LED light therapy at home rather than paying for the service.

On average (from the quick research I conducted), if you decide to do LED light therapy at say at a place like the Laser Clinic, treatments lasts for 20 mins and cost $70 per session. The Lumi is $240 AUD and you are required to use it for 5 mins, 2-3 times a week and this can be done at home!

If you were planning to go get them done a laser clinic, for example, it would depend on what recommendations they'd make on your skin needs.

I found my skin stayed the same.

Unfortunately, I found my skin texture had felt and looked the same by the third-week mark. I received the Lumi at the end of the third week of February and used it twice a week.

I believe this device would be better for people with acne prone skin or anyone with problematic skin! Light therapy is fantastic to target skin problems such as acne or wound healing after other cosmetic treatments such as cosmetic injections or microdermabrasion. I've got dry skin and sometimes uneven skin texture, for my skin it's better that I still to masks that hydrate and exfoliate my skin to "treat" it.

Have you tried the Lumi before? Let us know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I'm in no way a skin care expert, these are purely my opinions and views. I've also done some research on light therapy to give the examples in today's post.

*This was gifted to me by Lumitherapy. For more information about how I review products that are sent to me please read my disclaimer section on my website.

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