How I Curl My Hair : Curling 101


how to curl hair I've finally gotten around to filming a tutorial on how I curl my hair. This was requested on my Instagram account but a couple of followers. Thank you guys for asking me to to do this for you!

How to curl your hair tips

Here are the main tips that I explain in the video below to get the hang of curling your hair:

  1. I find that a curling wand is the best for beginners, so you don't have to try and use the clamp on normal curling tongs or curling stylers.
  2. Start with your section of hair by curling away from the face and then the next section will alternate in the opposite direction. Repeat this all around your hair to achieve a natural look.
  3. Always use a heat protectant before curling.
  4. Divide your hair into three main sections for easier styling.
  5. For the front pieces, take a small section and wrap the section once around the wand, and start moving the wand down the section to evenly distribute the heat. This technique is to make it appear more natural rather than tight.
  6. Once you curl a strand of hair, let it cool properly, don't touch it.
  7. Definitely, use a hair oil post styling to help with shine and dryness.
  8. Hairspray is a must to hold the style.

How I curl my hair tutorial

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