March Favourites & Highlights

march 2018 beauty favourites loreal hourglass nyx cosmetics March went by so quick I don't think I even had time to breath! Did you enjoy your March? I hope you had a wonderful month!

Let's start with my favourite beauty favourites of the month.

March Beauty Favourites

March was a great month for me to try out some new beauty favourites that I still wear now. There were so many new releases and as always it was hard to keep track of all them. I tried my best and I managed to get a couple of new drugstores, high-end and online purchases through.

My online purchases will be shown throughout the month so don't forget to follow me on Instagram to see what I've been using and testing out!

Hourglass Vanish Finish Stick in Gold Flash

This was such an expensive purchase for me. I'm 100% sure I went over budget for this but it was worth every single penny!

I plan to get the other colours in the range so that I can try the other shades. The shade I had purchased was 'Gold Flash'. It's a beautiful, not-so-in-your face gold shade that looks really natural on the skin and gives you a healthy glow.

If you haven't already, please read my first impressions on this amazing cream highlighter stick to see what I thought about it when I first tried it out. You can also see my reaction in the video below.


L'oreal Pro Glow Foundation

This became my everyday foundation throughout the month of March. I've used it pretty much most days that I think I'm already running out of this product!

I purchased the shade #207 which for me at the time was too light for my tanned body. However, after corrected the colour of my skin with bronzer, it blended really well with the rest of my body. If you happen to purchase a foundation or base that is too light for your skin, you can always user bronzer and this will help colour match the rest of your body.

It has a glowy, dewy finish which is perfect for girls who have dry skin. I found this hydrating for my skin type and I never found it disappearing off throughout the day (this along with powdering my forehead, under eyes, nose & chin area). I would say this product offers a light to medium coverage and has great longevity for most of the working day.

NYX Natural Lip Liner

I'm not sure how this happened, but I can't go a day without doing my brows, putting mascara on and now...lining my lips.

I do admit, I've been blessed with nice lips (thanks Dad!) but I love to accentuate their shape by lining them.

I purchased the NYX lip liner in the shade 'Natural' after mistakenly thinking it was the same one that Nina Vee uses in her YouTube video (if you're's actually an eyeliner pencil she uses).

I was however surprised at how much I loved the shade. It's a "my lips but better shade".

I always advocate the importance of using a lip liner before any lip product just because it really helps shape the lips and you can really change your look that way.

March Book Favourites

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Soooo technically I still haven't finished it yet. It's such a long book. Especially most of the text is quite historical and factual. Sometimes I have to read it in small doses since it's so heavy on the facts. I usually read books that have a lot of plot twists and unrealistic drama situations that get thrown at you!

I loved this booked the minute I started reading it. I've never read a book like this before and that's why I was quite attracted to it.

It's basically a tell-all of how us (humans) became to be who we are today. It literally goes all the way back to how we formed from organisms to how we have evolved today.

Interesting and captivating, I was hooked from the first chapter. I try to read a chapter on the train ride home every day but sometimes my brain is super fried from writing copy all day at work, that I do find myself zoning out.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something different to what they usually read and are looking to expand their mind and learn something cool about where we came from.

March Music Favourites

As I write this section of my monthly favourites, I head over to my Spotify desktop app. It has come to my attention that I did, in fact, create a March 2018 playlist but I only put 4 songs on this playlist!

This comes to show that I must've been hitting hard on the top hit's playlist all month because I was either putting something on to accompany my never-ending thinking on the train rides to work or I was simply listening to full albums instead of small curated playlists that I usually do every month.

Nevertheless, I will still share these 4 amazing songs I've listened too below!

So I have two Majid Jordan songs on the playlist. There is a reason for that! I'm actually going to their Sydney gig in May soon!

If you're into R&B you'll love them! Definitely different to our favourites from the 90's and 00's but I love how their songs are a different kind of R&B to what we used to hear back in the days!

Here are the albums I was listening to in March:

Solange - A Seat At The Table

H.E.R - Self Titled Album

Chet Faker (Nick Murphy) - Built on Glass

What did you listen to in March?

What did you fancy in March or what were your highlights? Share in the comments below!

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