How To Make Your Makeup Last Long At Music Festivals & Concerts

how to festival makeup Lately, it feels like I've been going to a music festival or concert once a month! Well to be honest since the new year...I actually have!

I was going through my photos and I noticed I've been going to a lot of fun gigs and festivals. I wanted to share tips on how I make my makeup last long because I know there is going to be so many more shows and festivals coming up. It's good to know the type of products and techniques to use to make your makeup last long so you still look good throughout the night!

How to make your makeup last longer

So there a few tips and techniques I do to make sure my makeup lasts longer. Here are my tips that may work for you:

  • Use a good quality full coverage foundation. This will help cover any blemishes and unwanted spots. I tend to gravitate towards a matte finish, they have a more long-lasting power than dewy foundations. However, I don't like a full matte finish so I will mix in a bit of a dewy foundation to give it a tiny bit of glow.
  • Bake your base. This will set your liquid base products in. I noticed baking under the eyes, forehead and chin areas are the best places to bake. Because when you sweat, that's where I notice my makeup disappears first.
  • Use powder products. Powder products are great to reduce oiliness¬†on the skin. I find they last longer than cream products. With cream products, they can start to slip off with sweat.
  • For lips, opt for a matte liquid lipstick formula. Matte formulas are known to last longer. If you use a fantastic formula¬†you probably won't even need to retouch at all. My favourite that I use in the video is by Dose of Colours.
  • Spray your makeup to set it and forget it. I use MAC Fix Plus. This helps lock the base and the rest of my makeup in.

Video: How To Make Your Makeup Last Long

What tips and tricks do you do to make your makeup last long? Share below by commenting.

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