Why I'm Going Foundation Free Lately

no foundation routine So as you know from the title itself, I haven't been using foundation lately. Unless I'm trying out a new foundation or I'm going out with friends on the weekend I'll definitely wear foundation for the coverage. However, during the week I don't wear any foundation at all!

How to wear no foundation

It's quite easy to avoid wearing foundation and now I love not wearing no foundation during the week, especially to work because it lets my skin breathe.

I do notice now that when I wear less foundation during the week, my skin breathes and the appearance is a lot of better in terms of texture.

Here are my two main tips on how to wear no foundation and go foundation-free:

1) First and foremost, SKINCARE IS SO IMPORTANT.

I'm afraid if you want to try and get that natural look, the skin has to be flawless. Naked skin looks so much better when you take care of your skin.

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2) Concealer is the way to go!

If you have a few spots, imperfections or dark under eyes, I'd definitely recommend using a small amount of concealer to cover these areas for a flawless skin look.

I apply concealer under my eyes, around my nose and also on any spots that I do have.

Blending is key! Making sure you blend your concealer into the skin properly ensures that it's natural and that doesn't appear like you've actually concealed your skin (even though you did!)

My favourite concealer to use is the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. It has great coverage and it's easy to apply. The finish is flawless and it's undetectable if apply powder on top.

Can you contour without foundation?

Yes, you can! I like to use powder contour and highlight products for this step. You can use cream products, they'd last longer but you need to make sure you set it with powder.

I learnt this technique of Jkissamakeup, which you can view her video, on how she does her no foundation looks.

What I do is powder where I will apply my contour, blusher and highlighter. That way the products have something to stick with.

I also use setting spray to help these products lasts longer on my skin.

My No Foundation Routine

  1. Start with filling out your brows.
  2. I then apply moisturiser to my skin so I have something to prime with.
  3. Applying concealer to the under eye area, nose areas and any spots, I use a wet beauty sponge for a more natural finish.
  4. I then set my concealed areas, the t-zone, the nose and also my chin with setting powder. I then powder where I will be using contour, blusher and highlight.
  5. Apply powder contour, blusher and highlighter as per usual (if you were to have foundation on)
  6. Do the rest of my makeup.
  7. Set with setting spray to lock it in!

Have you guys gone no-foundation before? Would you try it out? Let us know in the comments below!

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