February Highlights & Favourites

the rosie project it cosmetics mac burgundy times nine I finally have decided to do a monthly favourite's post! I used to do this when I started my beauty blog but I found that in the end, I was using the same products every month and it was getting a little repetitive.

So what's going to be different this time? I will be sharing beauty and lifestyle favourites every month that way you guys get to know me a little better and also it will be different every single month.

Just quietly...it was my birthday month and it was a hectic month for me in all parts of my life! I'm so glad March is here because I'm planning to focus on just taking it easy and enjoying my time with my friends :)

Let's get into it!

February Beauty Favourites

MAC Burgundy x 9

I really got into my MAC Burgundy X Nine palette! I used this for my birthday makeup, for Ultra Music Festival down in Melbourne and even in an upcoming collaboration that I will be doing which you will see very soon!

I know it isn't a new palette but the colours are beautiful and really pigmented. It's a versatile palette and I feel like you can wear these colours throughout the year!

Oblepikha Siberica Oblepikha Oil Complex For Damaged Hair

It gives me great regret that I don't plan to colour my hair for a very long time! I need to really focus on growing my hair out again so that I can stop bleaching my hair and further damaging it. The last 2-3 years I've constantly gone through so many different colour changes that I'm worried my hair will literally snap one day!

In the meantime, due to all the colour I've done on my locks, my hair is quite dry and dull. I started using the Oblepikha Siberica Oblepikha Oil Complex* to help repair it and hopefully just treat it in the meantime while my hair grows out.

Lumitherapy LED Light Therapy & Radio Frequency Therapy Device*

So the egg-shaped device you see in my flat lay was recently gifted to me and it's a light therapy device. It helps with acne, hyperpigmentation and stimulates collagen production. Here is my demo video I did on Instagram and click through if you want to read more information about the device itself :)

I've been using it once a week for about a month now. So far I haven't seen a significant difference so I'm going to continue using it for another month before I make my final verdict and I will let you guys know!

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+

You guys know how much I love this stuff! I've done a blog post on this (back in 2015 y'allll), so if you want to hear my thoughts on this, click the link below!

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ review

I just love how it's your skin but sooo much better when you apply it! I know during the colder months my skin gets super dull so I will be using this throughout winter to even my skin tone and give me the coverage I need.

February Book Favourites

This year I made a new habit to read a book every month. So in January I read Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown which is a really fantastic book about belonging. (Let me know if you guys are interested in hearing my thoughts, I can definitely do a small post on this).

The Rosie Project

This would be the third time I've read The Rosie Project! It's my all-time favourite laugh out loud novel to read. This is the novel I chose to read during February.

It's basically about a guy who's socially awkward trying to find his life partner!

The first time I read this book, I read it in two days! I was that hooked.

If you're looking for something light and will make you feel good on the inside, I'd recommend this book!

February Music Favourites

I love music so much. I never knew how much I loved it until I realised I listen to it every single day and I actually go to quite a few music events throughout the year.

My taste in music is really mixed and super random. I literally go with what I like and I always change it up!

Here are a few of my favourite songs I listened to for the month of February below in this nifty Spotify playlist!

February Podcasts Favourites

I try to listen to podcasts at least a few times week because I like to switch it up and not have to listen to music all day every day. Especially during my day job, I don't want to be listening to music all day at work and then on the train listen to more music.

Here are my favourite podcast episodes that I listened to this month:

No Filter with Mia Freeman: Sami Lukis has been single for 30 years

Ted Talks Daily: The secret to great opportunities? The person you haven't met yet

Conversations ABC Radio: The mystery of broken-hearted syndrome 

What were your favourites from February? Share with us in the comments below!

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