3 Beauty Habits I Vow To Keep This Year

beauty habits loreal mac cosmetics revlon I've been a beauty blogger for 4 years and I can't imagine the amount of money I've spent when it comes to funding my makeup addiction! I always use the excuse "it's all for the blog" but really it's for me.....and the blog!

I know we're in February already but I was thinking about what some of my well-kept beauty habits I've been doing for years and what I've been lazy at.

I'm not much of a new years resolution kinda girl but I do like to at least try to enforce a few good habits on myself every now and then. If it's for beauty and makeup... I'll definitely do it!

Here are 3 beauty habits I vow to keep doing for this year:

Beauty Habit #1. To be more proactive about my skincare routine

Relax! I do still cleanse my face every single day, especially when I come home at 3am from going out all night, I still manage to wash my makeup off before heading to bed!

Lately, I've used up all my skincare and I've only been sticking to a very basic routine of cleanser and moisturiser.

With treatment masks, I try to do them once a week but sometimes I will go a week without doing any! I know it's not a good habit to not do treatment masks!

I will plan to do the following:

  • to do masks 2 -3 times a week depending on how much my skin needs its
  • to exfoliate my skin at least once a week
  • to repurchase eye cream, serums, facial sprays and toners!

Beauty Habit #2. Clean my brushes at least once a week

This is such a hard one. My weekends are super packed all the time and I struggle to find time to get through all my chores.

It's important for me to clean my brushes regularly so that my skin doesn't break out.

I recently purchased a StylPro makeup brush cleaner, to wash my brushes with and it really helps with the drying process which is great!

I will definitely need to be more proactive and start washing my brushes more regularly.

Beauty habit 3. More makeup-free days during Monday-Friday

I really need to start to embrace what I've been born with.

I'm sure you can empathise with me but I feel like now I look better with makeup and it really has affected my self-esteem and how I feel about myself. Which is why you've probably seen me do more natural looks on my Instagram feed!

During the work week, I will only try to wear mascara and do my eyebrows! But I really do enjoy putting makeup on and feeling great about it. Perhaps I can just turn it down a notch and not go to town with it. #famouslastwords

BUT if you love going to town with it, there isn't a problem with that either. I think every now and then, your tastes just change. At the moment I really like going natural but still, a little bit of contour ain't gonna hurt anyone!

What beauty habits are you picking up this year or continuing? Let us know in the comments below!

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