Esqido Lash Review (#gifted)

esqido lashes nebula I was recently gifted a pair of beautiful false eyelashes from Esqido. They sell mink lashes on their website in a variety of different styles!

They got in touch with me just before the end of the year to try their lashes and I definitely jumped onto the opportunity. I love wearing false eyelashes myself and they make my overall look 10 times better.

I chose the style Nebula and they also sent me some lash glue to try with the fresh new pair of eyelashes.


The lashes came in a small sized white rectangular box that has a magnetic lid. I like it, because when you store your lashes it's in a nice white box rather than a plastic casing like the Model Rock lashes I have.


The style I was gifted was Nebula. If you're interested in ordering you're own pair you can definitely order straight from their website.

They retail for $32USD and provide free international shipping if you order over $75uSD or it's a $5USD flat rate shipping fee which is not too bad.

For the price and the quality, I believe it does match. We will talk about the quality in the next section.


They are handcrafted with a cotton band which makes it a lot more comfortable to wear on your lash line in my opinion.

You can re-wear these. The website doesn't specify how many times but in my experience with these types of lashes you get great wear out of them for at least 20 wears.

Along with the lashes, I was also gifted the lash glue.

The lash glue is okay but not the best I've tried. I found my DUO lash glue held the lashes onto my lash line because the DUO glue is a lot tackier. The lash glue retails for $10USD and is sold separately.

Overall thoughts

esqido lashes nebula

I really love these lashes. They're voluminous and thick which is what I look for when I'm shopping for lashes.

They are comfortable to wear and I found them easy to apply. The lash band isn't too thick which is a plus.

Note: I did have to cut my pair to fit my eye shape. Always cut from the outside.

If you need help applying lashes watch my easy tutorial on Youtube.


The lash glue could be better but I'm not too fussed!

Thanks so much Esqido for getting in touch and sending me these fabulous lashes.

I also used them in a recent tutorial if you're interested in seeing me apply them :)

Have your tried Esqido lashes? What do you think of them? Let us know in the comments below.

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