Beginners Guide To Miscellaneous Makeup Brushes and Tools

nars beauty blender brushers Hi friends :) This is the third and last post out of the 'Beginners Guide to Makeup Brush' Series I've been doing.

Hopefully, you've found the first two guide hopeful and have shared it with anyone who is just starting out.

Today we are covering sponges, contour brushes and everything that is in between!


beauty blender

  • Used wet or dry
  • Comes in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Notable brands are Beauty Blender, Morphe and Real Techniques all send high-quality sponges

Pro Tip: Soak your sponge with water and drain the excess water to ensure it's not too wet and application leaves your base looking flawless.

Oval Brushes

simple glam girls oval brushes

  • Different sizes for different uses such as contouring, applying eyeshadow, applying lipstick and other base products
  • Can be quite dense
  • A little difficult to clean properly, as you would most likely need to hang them on their brush side to dry them without loosening the bristles or the glue if dried flat side up.

*Simple Glam Girls were kind enough to gift me these oval brushes.

Fan Brush

fan brushes morphe

  • The main tool I use to highlighter with.
  • It's the perfect size and shape to apply to the tops of the cheekbones, cupid's bow and also the side of the forehead

Tell us your all-time favourite makeup brush to use in the comments below!

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