Your Complete Guide To Cosmetic Expiry Dates

cosmetic expiry dates Many of us buy so much makeup and keep it in our drawers without realising that these products like food, go off or expire. I thought this post would be super helpful for anyone who was curious to know how long makeup lasts. Depending on the product, most makeup and skincare products have different expiry dates.

What happens if  I use a makeup/skincare product that is expired?

  • The consistency can change over time, which means it may not apply smoothly over time
  • Foundations and other liquid products can separate
  • It can harbour bacteria which can cause irritations to the skin or may give breakouts

What's the normal shelf life for cosmetics?

  • Anything that is unopened should be discarded after three years
  • Opened products should be discarded after six months

These suggestions should be used as general safe estimates.

Other important facts:

  • Usually cheaper quality products would expire quicker as well.
  • Best place to store most cosmetic products is in a cool, dry and dark place
  • The bathroom itself may not be the best place due to moisture and temperature (but let's be honest we put all our skincare in there!)

Complete Guide to Expiry Dates

  • Makeup foundation: liquids and creams can last anywhere from 6 -12 months, powders can last up two years as the product is dry it doesn't harbour bacteria easily.
  • Mascara/Liquid Eyeliner: up to three months
  • Blushers, contour powders & other powder products: up to two years
  • Cleansers: up to one year
  • Lipstick: up to two years
  • Lipgloss: up to one year
  • Oils and serums:  up to six months
  • Sunscreen: up to six months
  • Eyeshadows: powder form, up to 2 years, cream form up to 6 months
  • Any cream products:  up to six months

Is it time for you to clean out your makeup collection? What's the longest makeup item you've had that is out of date? Let us know in the comments below!

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