Yellow Half Cut Crease Tutorial

'Tis the season!

This year on TDL, I will be sharing a holiday look every week! Today's holiday glam is a little out of the box but I think the yellow really compliments my brown eyes very well!

I show you how to make your outer v darker to define your eyes and I also experiment with using a couple of different colours.

Watch me go through the steps below, grab what you have already and don't forget, you don't necessarily need to use the same brands, but if you have similar products, they're going to work too!


  1. Take a light matte orange shade and carve your crease area. Using a side to side motion to define the crease and then small circles in your outer v area
  2. Using a fluffy blending brush, blend out the edges.
  3. On the same blending brush we used for the crease, take a medium to dark cool-toned brown shade and start taking this all over the lid area, just underneath where you placed the light orange shade.
  4. Using a very tiny blending brush, take a dark brown shade and pat this on your outer v area only.
  5. Taking a concealer brush and applying a small amount of concealer on your inner lid just to the outer v area- we are cutting the crease slightly.
  6. Use a bright yellow or cool toned yellow to pat on top of the concealer, using a  flat shader brush.
  7. Smoke the bottom lash line using the same brown and orange tones for the lid.
  8. Apply falsies (optional)
  9. Apply foundation, blusher, contour, bronzer, highlight, conceal any areas needed and finish with your favourite lippie!

The instructions are a step-by-step guide of mainly the eye makeup!

yellow eyeshadow

yellow eyeshadow monlid

yellow eyeshadow monolid makeup

What did you think of this look? Would you wear it out to a holiday party? Let us know in the comments below.


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