Beginners Guide to the Black Smokey Eye For Asian Eyes

How to: Black Smokey Eye

I know! Black eyeshadow is hella scary! The first time I tried out a black smokey eye I looked like I had been punched in the eye. Legit!

In today's tutorial I show you how it can be easy if you blend it with another dark toned shadow, in this case, I use a cranberry shade to blend the two together.

Watch how easy it is to achieve this classic smokey eye with a hint of cranberry to make it more wearable.


Don't be scared of the smokey eye!

I start off by going through the products I use at 00:57, but keep in mind you don't need to use the same brands that I use. If you have similar shades in your collection they will work too!

I believe that when you're starting out in learning how to do eye makeup, don't focus so much on the brands, use what you have! I definitely think having the right brands that offer high-quality pigments will do the best job for you but use what you have so you can save money too.

I then go through the tools I use. As a beginner, it can be quite confusing on what eyeshadow brushes and other tools you may need. If you're interested skip to 02:36 I will go through each tool I use to achieve this smokey eye.

Finally at 03:39 is where I go through all the steps to achieve this look.

black monolid smokey eye black monolid smokey eye

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