Splurge vs Save? Translucent Setting Powders

translucent powder In this month's Splurge vs Save series, we're comparing one super affordable translucent setting powder with a high-end one that I know a lot of beauty lovers enjoy using.

Translucent setting powders are THE only thing I use these days to set everything. My T-Zone area, under my eyes, cleaning up my contour and everything else in between! If you'd like me to do a post on the many different ways of using setting powder, I can certainly do that, comment below :)

RCMA No-Colour Powder

rcma no colour powder


It comes in a tube container like a salt and pepper shaker. The lid opens and you will see small holes which is where the powder dispenses (much like the packaging of a salt and pepper shaker).

I find this super inconvenient to dispense product out because you have to basically shake it out on a tray or perhaps your hand.

Especially if you are using a beauty blender to bake under the eyes it's hard to put your sponge into the opening to grab any powder.


  • Photographs beautifully with flash
  • Make sure when you bake that you dust the powder off completely because it can leave behind a 'white cast'
  • It is a white powder but it is completely translucent


It's $27 AUD if you order off Adore Beauty and there are 3 ounces of product which is a super affordable especially for the quality of this powder.

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder - Translucent

laura mercier translucent setting powder


The packaging is a round case. You have a screw top lid which allows you to open the product and you can use this to dispense the product into as well.

When you open the powder you will see a clear top that is attached to the pot which has small holes in it as you can see above this is where you can pour the product out onto the lid or a makeup tray to use.

(I hope that explanation was easy to follow in simple terms LOL)


  • The powder is so beautiful to use because its smooth on the skin
  • Sets your makeup perfectly
  • No flashback in photos
  • It seems like there is a slight tint to it but it's very much translucent in photos


I bought mine from Sephora for $62AUD. This is quite an expensive powder but let me you know something, it's worth every penny! I've recommended this powder to most of my friends (who all have different skin types) and they've come back to me saying its one of the best powders they've used!

What we think

I prefer my Laura Mercier powder because I like how it set's my makeup and makes me look super flawless, especially after setting it with makeup setting spray!

The RCMA powder was the first setting powder I started using when I taught myself how to bake and I really loved the results, I personally just don't like the slight white cast you get with the RCMA one.

What setting powder do you guys use? Let us know by commenting below!

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