Beginners Guide to Brushes: Base Edition

makeup brushes Hi lovelies :) I've been suggested to write a beginners guide to makeup brushes recently, and I actually thought this would be super valuable for beginners and anyone that needs a refresher!

This beginners guide will be split into three parts being: base brushes (these are just for foundation application), eye brushes and miscellaneous brushes (so your blush brushes, contour brushes and sponges etc).

This week we will be focusing on base brushes, which are tools you will use to apply base products such as foundation, contour, blush and highlighter.

Kabuki Style Brushes

kabuki brushes

  • Usually quite dense brushes
  • You need a dense style brush to help blend your foundation in
  • Helps apply your foundation on smooth without any streaks (based on the quality of the brush of course!)

Pro tip: It's best to blend in circular motions to prevent streaks and a flawless finish

You can get many different types of kabuki style brushes. I've got quite a range and depending on how you like your kabuki brush is your own personal preference.

Here I've got a round kabuki brush (great for blending around the nose area), flat kabuki brush and more tapered dense kabuki.

Foundation Brush

foundation brush

  • A great tool to use to apply foundation straight onto the skin
  • I don't particularly use this to blend but you can by using downward strokes
  • Great to apply a light coverage of foundation to the skin

Pro tip: You can apply the foundation with a foundation brush like you're 'painting' onto your skin.

Stippling Brush

stippling brushes

  • Not only can it be used to apply foundation but also bronzer, blush, powder products and also cream products
  • I rarely use it for foundation but using a stippling brush gives you a natural, flawless finish
  • Only dip the foundation where the white tips of the bristles are

Powder Brush

powder brushes

  • Usually very fluffy
  • Can range from different sizes depending how much surface area on the skin you want to cover
  • Always press powder into the skin instead of sweeping it so you don't move your base/foundation around.

Did you find this guide helpful? What brushes do you use to apply foundation with?

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