Splurge or Save? Liquid Highlighters

Once a month we will bring you the "Splurge or Save?" series, where we compare a drugstore beauty product with a high-end product. To kick start our first post of the series, we're going to be comparing the Australis Liquid Strobe Illuminating Drops with the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Rose Gold.

Australis Liquid Strobe Illuminating Drops $19.95 AUD


The Australis Liquid Strobe Illuminating Drops are in a glass dropper bottle. Opening it for the first time I noticed it was just a tad messy but it's nothing you can't get around.

The dropper doesn't get a lot of product when you press the pipette tube (the squishy top bit you press!) but on the dropper tube itself, it grabs a lot of the liquid illuminator, so that is where I get most of the product when I use it.


The liquid highlight itself is beautiful. It comes in two shades, Pink & Gold. I have the pink and it's not too glittery on the skin and gives off a nice shine to the high points of the face.


At $19.95 this is a great affordable buy that gives you a great glow to the skin! You also get 18ml of product.


Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops $62AUD


Just like Australis, it comes in a dropper bottle as well. The dropper tube itself isn't as messy as the Australis, in fact, it's not that messy at all.

The pipette grabs a lot of product and is easy to use, giving you enough control on how much product is released.


It's very beautiful on the skin and doesn't appear glittery but it shows more of a glow. 

I like to apply this with my liquid products before setting with powder products.

The Custom Enhancer Drops comes in 9 shades:

  • Celestial
  • Moonlight
  • Rose Gold ( I've got this one!)
  • Halo
  • Blossom
  • Sunkissed
  • Sunlight
  • Candlelight
  • Sunset


It's quite expensive at a price point of $62, which you can purchase at Sephora in Australia. You also only get 15ml of product.

What we think

For sure the Australis is a great affordable buy. There isn't much you can fault with the product except that it can be a little messy with the dropper.

Colour selection wise they're only 2 shades, so hopefully, they may come out with more in the future.

The Cover FX drops are beautiful and come in so many different shades that can be used to highlight, bronze and illuminate. However the price point is a little hefty but the quality I believe, is worth the price.

I personally love both and in the future, I am planning to get another bottle of the Australis and Cover FX drops :)

How you can use them

Both products are so versatile, can be used on their own, under foundation, mixed with foundation or even placed on top.

What do you prefer? Do you love a good budget buy or do you splurge?

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