5 Easy Beauty Habits To Pick Up Now

Aren't we all guilty of not washing our makeup brushes for months, not replacing that 3-year concealer (guilty!) or even not doing our nightly skincare routine?? I can put my hand up for all these things!

Adopting some quick and easy beauty habits will be able to conquer these awful beauty sins!

Here are 5 Easy Beauty Habits To Pick Up Now:

  1. Wash those brushes after each use

I like to wash my eye brushes after each use so that they're fresh for the next day or next use! Trust me there is nothing better than using a fresh brush each time.

If you really are bothered, washing your base/face brushes after every use would be a huge benefit to your skin. Especially if you suffer from acne, oily or combination troubled skin.

  1. Replace that old makeup item

I've recently had to go "errand makeup shopping" which isn't like normal makeup shopping, but it's where you have a list of makeup items that have totally expired wayyy past their date, have dried out or you've run out after excessive use.

Using expired makeup is not only gross but it would probably be the reason as to why you have that nasty breakout! To check when makeup expires or its shelf life, have a look at this handy guide.Replacing your old makeup is not only good for you, but you get to go MAKEUP SHOPPING!

  1. Adopt a skincare schedule

Now, this would really depend on your skin type (and I'm no skincare expert) but according to what your skin needs, it’s best to adopt a really great skincare schedule that is suited to your skin type. 

What I like to do is actually print out a blank calendar template, and then writing down when I need to do a mask, scrub my face or do any other skin care treatments.

If you're curious what my routine is:

  • Every 2nd-3rd day I do a face mask (either normal or sleeping/overnight mask)
  • I scrub my face on Mondays and Saturdays
  • I cleanse every single night but not in the mornings
  • I do a peel once every two weeks
  1. Applying a hair mask at least once a week

I'm really bad at this one! I have bleached ends, and because I never really do any hair treatments and straighten my hair weekly, it's super, super dry!

What I like to do is leave the hair mask on a Friday night. Why? Because I like to sleep in my mask and then wash my hair in the morning so that I have fresh hair for the weekend!

Sleeping with your hair mask is a lot easier because a) you're sleeping and b) the longer you put a hair mask the better!

I like to use either cold pressed, organic coconut oil or Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 Home Treatment.

  1. Moisturising your body twice a day

This one is definitely something that everyone should adopt as a habit! The benefits of moisturising your body include:

  •   Keeping the skin soft 
  •   Hydrating for the skin
  •   Prevents flaking and dullness (ew)
  •   Creates a protective layer of moisture on your skin

I like using a thick moisturiser such as the Body Shop’s Shea Butter Body Butter. It smells so sweet but it leaves the skin super smooth! A must during those cold winter months.

What are your 5 Beauty Habits that we should adopt? Please share in the comments below!

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