The Benefits of Multi Masking

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What is Multi Masking?

Multi masking is applying different types of masks to different areas of your skin to target various skin problems. The point of the technique is to apply the different types of masks to your face at the same time.

These days skincare is not a one size fits all kinda thing. This is particularly handy because you can really use all those masks that you have in your skincare cabinet!

This technique only works with masks that you can apply with your fingers and/or brush. Can you imagine piling 5 sheet masks on top of each other? It just doesn't work!

Benefits of Multi Masking

  • targeting different skin problems without having to use the one mask
  • you can customise your own multi-mask with different masks that you already own
  • really suitable for those that have combination skin

What masks do I apply to which area of the face?

The T-Zone Area

As most of us would experience you get the shiniest in this area. The reason why we get super oily in this area is that all our oil glands are huddled in the t-zone. Use a clay mask that controls the oil glands and helps mattify this area.

The Cheeks

You may find that you experience a lot of dehydration in this area. This can lead to flakiness or dryness to your cheeks. Using an exfoliating mask or a moisturising mask in this area will help combat this. Not only will your skin feel smooth and plump, but it will be glowing too!

The Nose and Chin

Blackheads are the most common skin issue on the nose area and because of this, it can appear dull on the skin. Your chin area is the same because dead skin cells do pile up in this area over time.

Make sure you use a clay mask here in these areas, this will help with the appearance of any dullness and exfoliate away any dead skin cell build up.

The Neck and Chest

This is an area that I do neglect myself. As you age the neck and chin are will lose moisture over time, using a super hydrating mask will help combat any dryness and help bring the glow back into these areas.


What are your thoughts on multi masking? What masks do you use?

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