Lu Lu Lan Masks

lu lu lan masks Heya friends! In today's post we will be talking about a highly hyped sheet mask used by many women in Japan. It's intended to be used as a daily mask (very interesting and different to us Westerners who only uses masks 2-3 times a week) and aims to improve the appearance of skin, moisturise the skin , improve on texture and brighten the skin.

The Lu Lu Lan masks have three different types of masks that each have a different benefit to the masks.

There is a pink, blue and white Lu Lu Lan Masks.

The pink is for moisture and smoothness. The blue is highly moisturising and lastly the white is for brightening and improvement of skin texture.

I purchased the blue (looks purple actually lol) and you can actually get a pack of 42 sheets! These masks are supposedly gentle enough to be used once per day.

I use mine once a week just because I feel like I'm getting the most out of them for my own skin type. Also the fact I only bought two packets of the 7 pack as well ! I like the Lu Lu Lan masks, it fits my face really well and helps my skin retain its moisture.


Have you guys tried any interesting Asian facial masks? What are your favourites?

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