Easy Eye Makeup

kiko eyeshadow sticks I'm really not a morning person when it comes to doing my makeup before work. Especially when I have to be in the office before 8am (arghhhh). When I was on holiday in Hong Kong I noticed that Kiko was a popular brand there.

Kiko Milano is a brand that originated in Italy ( I definitely did a google search there just to be sure). I first herd about Kiko through Lily Pebbles on Youtube and found that the products were quite budget friendly.

I bought heaps of Kiko stuff when I was in Hong Kong and for everything I purchased ended up to be $150 (#winning). I can definitely post a small little haul on my instagram, so dont forget to follow me @thisdamselloves.

My favourite buy out of the haul was definitely the Kiko Milano Long Lasting Sticks. They had a range of colours and I picked three to take home. My colours were on the more bronzy and brown side. I also bought a shimmery cream shade for those days that I want to go natural.

They are very pigmented and set very quickly too, so when it comes to blending you have to do it quickly.

These sticks can be so convenient for on the go and can be a really great product for your 10 min makeup looks!

Have you tried these Kiko Milano eyeshadow sticks before? Have you got a great alternative that we can try here in Australia? Comment bellow.


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